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At Northern Illinois Lake and Pond Management we sell, service and recommend products from Power House Fountains. Please feel free to browse the following solutions. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Olympus Fountains


Two multi-layered bottom crowning patterns are divided by a single center spray in this 3-tier display (exclusive to .33HP assembly).

• .33-hp (min. required depth 24”)
• 115V or 230V
• 7.9 Amps (115V) or 3.95 (230V)
• Upper Height: 11′
• Middle Height: 9′
• Lower Height: 8’
• Diameter: 24’
• Cord Lengths (ft): 50, 100, 150


Sixteen angled sprays surround the base of Artemis while eight taller “trumpeting” streams fill out the center.


Four clusters of angled outside streams create a majestic “crowning” effect that surrounds four taller center streams.


In 2 very distinct tiers, Aurora’s low lying umbrella and high rising center trumpet streams create a lovely daffodil profile, and can easily give a big look to a small pond.

• .33-hp (min. required depth 24”)
• 115V or 23
• 7.9 Amps (115V) or 3.95 (230V)
• Upper Height: 8′
• Lower Height: 2.5′
• Diameter: 10′
• Cord Lengths (ft): 50, 100, 150


Simple in design, Eros’ classic crowning profile not only provides elegance, but heavy consistent streams of water flow throughout the entire body of this 1/3hp pattern.

• .33-hp (min. required depth 24”)
• 115V or 230V
• 7.9 Amps (115V) or 3.95 (230V)
• Upper Height – 8.5’
• Lower Height – 7’
• Diameter – 15’
• Cord Lengths (ft): 50, 100, 150


A “willow” effect is formed from 10 heavy streams
that symmetrically rise and trumpet out at the top.


Orion by The Power House, Inc. decorative fountain.

Sixteen angled streams combine to create a modern take on an industry mainstay,
the classic circular-V pattern.


3 strong tiers carry heavy streams of water to form this Trident-like upward bodied fountain.


Eight heavy 45 degree streams surround a single center geyser to create Poseidon’s “lotus-like” form.